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Yingke Brand Management & Licensing (short as “Yingke”) is a leading brand management, licensing and franchising agency for domestic and foreign corporate trademarks, sports, fashion, entertainment, food & beverage brands. With more than 10 years of industry experience and international market knowledge, Yingke has a differentiated approach to provide full spectrum, one-stop service to our clients, including brand sourcing & development, licensing management, franchising management, intellectual properties management & protection, and consulting.

Based on Yingke Law Firm, the largest law firm in China and Asia Pacific, Yingke has developed its offices to more than 46 cities in China and 30 cities overseas. In the ever-changing brand management and licensing market, Yingke will stand side by side as strong partner to creatively and innovatively extend licensed brands for our clients. Our friendly seasoned team of executives work with an extensive retail and distribution network and have access to a global database of industry contacts across all product categories making it easy for our clients to achieve their brand expansion goals in China and Asia Pacific region.

Why Choose Yingke

The Largest law firm in China and Asia Pacific

Broad Network: 46 offices in China, 30 offices overseas

6000 Lawyers & + 2000 Consultants


Managing over 100 international brands

Yingke The Largest Law Firm in China

Yingke is the largest law firm in China and Asia Pacific. With our headquarters located in Beijing, we operate in more than 46 cities in China and 30 cities overseas. As a full-service, international law firm, we have more than 6,000 lawyers in China and abroad. Our on-the-ground connections and networks make it clear that we are your most trustworthy partner to optimize your China operations.

As the largest law firm in China, YINGKE is the leading partner for foreign companies doing business in China. Our deep understanding of China’s legal system, culture dynamics, and business environment make us the most acclaimed law firm in China.

Our seasoned foreign focused Chinese lawyers have developed vast experience handling a wide range of legal issues including international trade, foreign investment, corporate legal affairs,  capital markets & securities, private equity, investment & finance, mergers & acquisitions, intellectual property, real estate, energy & environmental protection, maritime trade & affairs, and dispute resolution. In order to give our clients peace of mind, we offer high quality services with flat fees to avoid surprise costs. Also, as foreign nationals are not allowed to practice law in China, outsourcing your legal issues to Chinese lawyers via foreign lawyers only adds up unnecessary expenditures.

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